Terra Kaffe TK-02
Terra Kaffe creates super-automatic espresso machines that help people experience the joy of carefully made bean-to-cup coffee every day… without wasteful pods. As a follow-up to their beloved TK-01, Terra Kaffe worked with Ammunition to create the industrial, service, UX, UI, and packaging designs for the TK-02.
Engineered and designed from the ground up, the TK-02’s compact industrial design takes inspiration from Terra Kaffe’s passion for modern precision and clarity. The machine houses numerous proprietary systems, has a touchscreen for controlling brew parameters, and a mechanical milk-frothing knob. A front-loading water tank, waste bin, and drip tray allow the TK-02 to fit into precious counter space without side clearance. An included quick-connect milk carafe sits nicely on the machine when it’s not in the fridge.

Industrial design by Ammunition  
Contribution: Industrial design lead
Launch: 2022

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