Nascent Objects
Nascent Objects is a modular consumer electronics creation platform and marketplace. By combining CAD tools, 3D printing, circuitry and a library of electronic component modules, the platform helps creators take their consumer electronics ideas from concept to finished, market-ready products in a matter of days. By using various type of modules the plug and connect into 3d printed chassis, protoypes and products can be designed and made in a matter of days without any special electronics manufacturing expertise or without incurring too much cost or effort when compared to traditional prototyping methods.

Industrial design by Ammunition  |  Engineering by Alloy & Nascent Objects
Contribution: Industrial design, Module design, Concept generation & development
Launch: Indiegogo campaign 2016
Acquired by Facebook in 2016

2016 FastCompany Innovation by Design Award | Product
2016 FastCompany Innovation by Design Award | Experimental
2016 IDEA Awards Gold
2016 IDEA Considered Design Awards

2016 Techcrunch "Facebook acquires modular consumer hardware maker Nascent Objects"
2016 Wired "An Ambitious Plan to Stop Us From Wasting Our Gadgets"
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