Lyft amp
Amp is a connected device that goes beyond the Glowstache to add functionality, instant brand recognition, and even more fun for the ride sharing experience. We worked with Lyft to create an in-car icon that bring a little magic to every ride. It lets Lyft show off its fresh, irreverent brand personality and create a better, more personalized experience for drivers and passengers. Combined with multicolored LEDs on the front and array of inward facing LEDs, amp can create customized animation and messages to create a smoother and more exciting ride experience. 

Industrial design by Ammunition  
Contribution: Industrial design lead
Launch: 2016

2017 Core77 Design Awards | Interaction Awards | Notable
2017 Core77 Design Awards | Service Design Awards | Notable
2017 IDEA Awards | FInalist
2016 Wired "The Best User Interface Upgrades of 2016"

2016 Fortune "Lyft Trades in the Pink Mustache for Something Just as Funky"

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