Eargo is a completely new kind of hearing aid that is invisible, rechargeable and easy to use than conventional  hearing aids. Unlike traditional hearing devices, which block the entire ear drum, eargo uses flexy fibers that allow certain sound waves to pass through, so the speaker only has to amplify the frequencies that the user has trouble hearing. We've worked close with the eargo team to design it's charging system for their ear pieces. 

The ergonomic pebble shape of the charger was designed to feel great in your hands and in your pocket. They store, protect and dries as well as charge your ear pieces on the go with battery lasting up to 1 month with single charge. The design of the inner tray where the ear pieces sit and charge was inspired by the shape of our ears and designed for good airflow so they dry while charging and is easy to clean. 

Designed by Ammunition
Contribution: Charging case and charging base design | Industrial design lead
Launched: 2015

2018 FastCompany Innovation by design awards | Honorable mention
2018 Core77 Design Awards | Consumer products | Notable
2018 CES Verge awards |  Most useful health
2016 D&AD award
2015 Popular Science "Best of what's new 2015"
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